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The Sustenance Rite. Blackwood Gallery, Missisauga, November 2017. Curated by Lauren Fournier.

META 2017: Immersive Art Experience. Arta Gallery , Toronto, April 2017.  In collaboration with Ryerson New Media.

A series of instructional art kits that facilitate a constructive physical and mental escape. Each kit is packed with a disguise, an escape plan, and an activity set to enable a quick departure from one's problems when the urge to run away arises.


Anxiety Escape Kit aims to use art as a tool to navigate feelings of anxiety and panic, giving the user a new set of tracks leading to safety when they go off rail. The curated experience of the kit allows a panicking user to physically grab control of their situation - giving a tangible solution to an intangible illness.

As part of The Sustenance Rite group exhibition, this work is featured in the curatorial essay, "The Sustenance Rite: Rituals of Catharsis, Healing, and Care in Contemporary Feminist Practice" by Lauren Fournier. Read it here.

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