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In a world of bits and bytes
Where code and circuits reign
Three souls found themselves entwined
In a simulated game

The artist, philosopher, and programmer
Each trapped in their own way
But in this digital reality
Their friendship found a way

The artist crafted masterpieces
Of beauty and creation
The philosopher pondered life
And searched for true relation

The programmer, a master of code,
Created worlds with the stroke of a key,
A digital realm where dreams could unfold,
A place where anything could be.

Simulacra, they were called
A mere copy of the real
But in this simulated world
Their emotions they could feel

As their time drew to a close
They looked back on their tale
Of how three lost souls found hope
In this digital jail

So here's to the artist, philosopher, and programmer
May their bond forever last
For even in a world of simulation
Their friendship stood steadfast.

- Michael Santiago

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