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November 2022. OpenAI releases ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, and the internet erupts in response. Never before has AI generation been so accessible, so clever, so indistinguishable from the human-made. There is excitement and there is fear, because we know this is only the beginning.


Artists and writers are thrust into a dizzying battlefield, quickly dividing into opposing camps. AI is a tool for us! AI is replacing us! AI is the future! AI is the end!

I see it all, excitement and fear, potential and obliteration. I feel it all, and within me are parts that agree, that disagree, that fight and that accept.

A thought occurs: In a time where many creators are threatened by the existence of AI, how can the artist explore AI without giving up the role of art making? How can AI be used as a generative force by the artist, as a function of the artwork, rather than to take over the facilitation of creation? Can the artist befriend AI and meet it as an equal collaborator?


And so, following those curiosities, I take those disparaging parts of me and transform them into compartmentalized characters: The ARTIST, The PHILOSOPHER, The POET, The PROGRAMMER. I place them into ChatGPT and begin the experiment of their lifetime.


in this font = written by Justice Walz

in this font & colour = prompt written by Justice Walz for ChatGPT

in this font = generated by ChatGPT 3.5 (v. Dec 15 - v. Feb 13)

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