Justice Walz is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto. She graduated with distinction from Ryerson University where she obtained her BFA in New Media. Justice continues her artistic practice as a way to both articulate and make peace with her experience as a queer, mad, chronically ill woman of colour.

Her art explores notions of intersectional feminism, self-care, and the reclamation of identity in a post-

colonial, post-modern world. Justice’s work lies in the dichotomy of beauty and abjection, trauma and healing, as well as confrontation and acceptance.

The daughter of a microbiologist and an engineer, Justice developed an early interest in science and tinkering. She attributes her fascination with the preservation of rot and organic waste to her early years spent playing and experimenting in her mother’s biochemistry lab.


Justice has exhibited installations and illustrations that join the discourse of mental illness, feminism, and self-healing. She exhibited her earliest installation work in The Sustenance Rite (2017), curated as part of the 5-circuit exhibition series Take Care. In 2018, she showed her next installation at “MENTAL HEALTH”, as part of the White House Studio Project's In Space program, conceived of by Sandra J. Manilla and co-produced with Stephanie Avery, Leone McComas, and Nathaniel Addison. This exhibition was funded through the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council, and led to her participation as an exhibiting artist speaker at a community roundtable in partnership with the Artists’ Health Alliance.


In addition to creating and displaying her art, Justice works as a partner + Creative Director for Bruized and as a freelance illustrator for brands and organizations including Toronto’s Frontline Worker’s Collective.


2013 - 2018

BFA with Distinction, Ryerson University  - RTA New Media


2019   may

2019   february

2018   july

2017  nov. - dec.

2017   april

Identity: Next Chapter, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto

BNW Show, SADSTAB x Horrible Noise, Toronto

MENTAL HEALTH, White House Studio Project, Toronto

The Sustenance Rite, Blackwood Gallery, Missisauga

META 2017: Immersive Art Experience, Arta Gallery, Toronto

Artist Talks & Panels

2018   july

MENTAL HEALTH, Panel Discussion and Round Table, Artist’s Health Alliance, Toronto


2020   march

#GetMad: Rendezvous with Madness Festival, C Magazine Issue 145: Criticism, Again

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