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In 2019, I co-founded Bruized, a Toronto based women run snack company that transforms surplus ingredients into healthy, plant-based snacks. I'm the creative director + brand designer and have shaped the way Bruized feels through everything from branding and packaging design, to artistic direction for shoots, to our farmers market booth display.


Channeling a vibe of fresh, playful and vibrant, I wanted to pay homage to our hippie backbone as the plant-based, food rescuing, earth loving company that we are! Like our mission, our branding renews and upcycles- borrowing from the funky, bold lettering of the 60s & 70s and fitting them into an eclectic blend of maximalist meets modern. We aim to inspire the world to join us in the fight against food waste, and empower them to embrace low-waste living.

Photographs by Danika Zandboer


In 2018 I had such a pleasure working with LUCID to craft their brand design. LUCID delivers personalized music experiences to improve mental health and wellness outcomes through an easy-to-implement measurement and streaming service. The Enso, a Zen Buddhist symbol, is a manifestation of the artist at the moment of creation and the acceptance of our innermost self- incorporated here as the 'C' in LUCID. 

In 2019, I did some illustration and design work for the launch of LUCID's mobile app Vibe. With Vibe, playlists are curated + optimized by AI to help you reach a mental or emotional goal. ​They dynamically adjust, in real-time, as Vibe observes your response to the music. Whether you're looking to calm down after a stressful day or get in the zone while studying or working, Vibe creates a personalized outcome-based playlist for you! Find out more on their website.

Frontline Workers Collective

Frontline Workers Collective illustration by Justice Walz

In 2019, I teamed up with Toronto's Frontline Workers Collective, a Toronto-based, peer support collective for anyone working in a frontline capacity, to create an illustration that they would later adapt as their logo. I went on working with them to design and illustrate posters for their upcoming events, as well as a banner for their social media platforms and website.