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(The artist is sitting at a desk, typing on her laptop. She is surrounded by papers and notes, with the words "AI and Art" written in bold at the top of the page. The poet, programmer, and philosopher are sitting around the desk, watching the artist work.)

ARTIST: (typing on her laptop) Okay, let's see if this works. I'm going to use ChatGPT to generate a script about our group debating the ethics and challenges of using AI to create art.

(The artist types in a prompt and hits enter)


AI: (appearing on the screen) "The group is sitting in a coffee shop, discussing the pros and cons of using AI to create art. The programmer argues that AI has the potential to create things that humans might never have been able to imagine, while the philosopher raises the question of ownership and originality. The artist is worried about the emotional aspect of art being lost, while the poet tries to find a way for humans and AI to coexist and create together."

Simulacra (Part 1 - CH 3)

Artwork made in collaboration by:
Lucy Davis, Justice Walz, DALL-E 2

ARTIST: (excitedly) Wow, that's actually really good. Let's see if we can expand on it.

(The artist types in another prompt and hits enter)

AI: (appearing on the screen) "The programmer points out that AI is just a tool, and that it's only as good as the programmers who create it and the data it's trained on. The philosopher muses on the nature of humans as dreamers, constantly seeking out new experiences and perspectives. The artist argues that art and literature are about expressing the human experience, and that AI will never be able to replicate that. The poet suggests that maybe AI can help humans achieve new experiences and perspectives in ways we never could have imagined. The group falls into a heated argument, with each person passionately defending their position."

ARTIST: (nodding) This is great. I think we have the basis for a really thought-provoking script. (The artist stands up and stretches) Okay, I think that's enough for today. Let's take a break and come back to it tomorrow.

POET: (standing up) Sounds good to me. I could use some fresh air.

PROGRAMMER: (closing her laptop) Same here.


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